“Nobody chooses to be homeless. Homelessness is a result of circumstance.”

“I was living on the streets of Newcastle when I left domestic violence. I turned to prostitution to earn money and find somewhere to shower, and slept places I felt safe.

"I went to the Department of Housing and registered for housing. I was soon relocated to stable accommodation. This gave me a stable home to deal with the effects of domestic violence and my substance use.. Without stable accommodation, I would not have been able to get my life on track. I had a place that I could base myself from, and a place to recover that was safe. Most importantly, I had a place to call home.”

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Services who can support you if you need help with housing

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>  Information about Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and Port Stephens specialist Homelessness services

 >   Compass Housing

>   Hunter Tenants Advice and Advocacy Service

>   Wesley Accommodation

>   Start Safely Subsidy – Family and domestic violence issues financial help for rent